Let me kick off this blog with an introductory post to, well, introduce myself and how and why I decided to make this little blog of mine. Settle down, this might take a while. :p


My name is Cel (세리나 is my name in Hangul) and I’m 23 years old. I won’t drag on this introduction with my life story because I want you guys to slowly get to know me as I reveal more about myself in the future posts. Currently, I’m in Manila, my hometown, but I will move to Seoul in September for my graduate studies. I had previously lived in Seoul from March to May to study Hangul as a prerequisite for my MBA.

So what will this be about?

To get this thing rolling, the initial posts I will write will be from my life during those short but fun/scary/exciting 3 months earlier this year and all my other previous visits to Seoul. It won’t be in a series of chronological posts, but rather, random anecdotes. Part of these moments were produced by my abrupt vacations to the city to see Bigbang (lol!), my desire to explore (mostly alone), and my habit of walking around aimlessly around my neighborhood (or just about anywhere).

As someone who has fallen in love with Seoul over and over again for many different reasons, I hope to share with you guys the beauty and life of the city minus the typical touristy stuff you can easily Google. This means introducing you to cute cafes that Koreans obsess over, Korean fashion, art exhibitions, spots I usually hang out in, and whatever else that tickles my fancy. Additionally, I hope to share my daily life adventures and insights on living alone in a country which language I can barely speak, to studying a business degree, and starting a new chapter.

Why did I start this blog?

I first considered the idea when my friends kept telling me to tour them around Seoul or asking me about places they would see on my snaps and Instagram feed. This was back in March. I forgot about it after a while because I was too busy keeping up with my Hangul classes (hehe) and I was already contributing Korea-related articles to Cosmo.ph.

Then one random night, I played with the archive feature on my Instagram because I couldn’t sleep (thanks, black tea!). As I was going through my photos in Seoul, I thought of the untold stories attached to each photo that I posted, wanting to share them beyond the 1:1 photo and short caption. Mind you, I was already back in Manila and I was terribly missing Seoul. As much as I love Manila, it could get a bit boring and I felt I was always finding something new to Seoul.

Anyway, it was an easy decision for me to do this because I enjoyed writing and sharing my experiences with others, and I really just want to officially document the things my curious self come across. More importantly, I know moving to Seoul is a big deal. I will be making mistakes and learning things along the way and I want to share that to whoever comes across this blog. Who knows? You might fall in love with Seoul like I did.

So I hope you guys stick around to see where this city takes me. 화이팅!

PS. With this new blog comes another new adventure for me: Photoshop! First result is this header I created with a poor quality photo of myself. LOL.


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