… And nope, no zombies the entire train ride! 다행 이다!

… Unfortunately, no Gong Yoo to save us, too. 🌚

Towards the end of May, my sister and I took a weekend trip (Saturday – Monday) down to Busan. I was actually a bit stressed before the trip because I had the final interview for my MBA application that morning, and a final exam for my Hangul Level 2.1 class scheduled the day after my trip. In an attempt to be a good student, I brought my books along so I could study but they just ended up being added weight to my baggage. TBH, I barely touched them. LOL.

Anyway, after my interview, we left for Seoul Station and took the 1 PM train ride to Busan. Overall, it took us less than 3 hours to get to the city and I have to say that the ride was really pleasant! My sister and I hoarded snacks and a 도시락 (Trans: doshirak – Korean packed lunch) for the ride. 😋


You might have seen those cheese sausage sticks on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!

Our tummies filled, we arrived in Busan safe and sound and zombie-free! Lol. My sister documented most of the places we went to that weekend so check out the video made by Cosmo.ph below to see what we were up to.


I will be writing an extensive blog post about our weekend in Busan as soon as I’ve compiled all the necessary information for it. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the video!! If you find yourself in Seoul, I suggest you include a side trip to Busan and drop by these breathtaking places. Feel free to message me or leave a comment if you have any questions about our trip! 💞

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post from Cosmo.ph. Food photos from Google.


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