Step into ADER World

Since we’re already talking about cool brands and their equally cool interactive spaces (check out my post on Gentle Monster’s ~artsy~ showrooms here), let me continue on by telling you guys about Ader and We ADER World. Towards the end of May, my sister and I dropped by the brand’s exhibition, the last one I saw before I came back home to Manila.


Just a little background on Ader: They’re the creator group of Ader Error, one of Korea’s cult fashion favorites that has been called by Vogue as the “Korean Vetements”. It makes a name for itself with it’s iconic signature cobalt blue and unisex “uncool cool” clothing that redefines casual pieces such as sweatshirts and tees to be, well, cool.

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Appreciating Gentle Monster’s Showrooms

Give me a shop with good interiors and I can stay there forever.

Although Gentle Monster has bragging rights to impressive collaborations and endorsers (Jun Ji Hyun! Tilda Swinton! Hood by Air! Opening Ceremony! – need I go on?) and eyewear that are to die for, what attracts most of the foot traffic to their stores (… i’m assuming, don’t quote me on this one) are their beautiful showrooms!

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Breathing Spaces: Parks

Breathing space /ˈbrēT͟HiNG ˈˌspās/

[Noun.] An opportunity to pause, relax or decide what to do next.

Or you can understand it literally as ‘a place to take a breather’.

As someone that prefers quieter and less-crowded areas, there are several spots around the city that I go to to study, write, or hang out and chat with a friend. I’ll introduce a few of them to you if you feel the need to get away from touristy Myeongdong and Hongdae and pause for awhile. 💞

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