Since we’re already talking about cool brands and their equally cool interactive spaces (check out my post on Gentle Monster’s ~artsy~ showrooms here), let me continue on by telling you guys about Ader and We ADER World. Towards the end of May, my sister and I dropped by the brand’s exhibition, the last one I saw before I came back home to Manila.


Just a little background on Ader: They’re the creator group of Ader Error, one of Korea’s cult fashion favorites that has been called by Vogue as the “Korean Vetements”. It makes a name for itself with it’s iconic signature cobalt blue and unisex “uncool cool” clothing that redefines casual pieces such as sweatshirts and tees to be, well, cool.




I love the bucket hat clocks.

With ‘near-missed things’ as the overall theme (and the brand’s overall concept), ADER’s exhibition highlights things we take for granted and showcases them in a  retro + modern display. Familiar daily objects are presented in a refreshing perspective (trash cans with flowers popping out of it, cereal bags lining up the ceiling as you first enter the space…), calling them to our attention with a curious turn of the head. It’s fun, witty, and quintessentially Ader.


My favorite part of the exhibit? The plastic ball pit, of course! I think we spent over 20 minutes there just taking photos lol we were lucky to have gone at an odd hour so there were only a few people around.


The exhibition ran from May 13 to June 16, 2017 at D Project Space. Don’t worry if you missed it though – a new exhibition “Strange Summer” by illustrator Henn Kim will be up from July 29 to October 1 if you will be in Seoul around that time. Oh, and the venue is a bit tricky to find – it’s inconspicuously located at the basement of a building. Be sure to check out the map in the website and keep your eyes peeled for D Project Space’s logo outside! Enjoy! ✌🏻


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