Step into ADER World

Since we’re already talking about cool brands and their equally cool interactive spaces (check out my post on Gentle Monster’s ~artsy~ showrooms here), let me continue on by telling you guys about Ader and We ADER World. Towards the end of May, my sister and I dropped by the brand’s exhibition, the last one I saw before I came back home to Manila.


Just a little background on Ader: They’re the creator group of Ader Error, one of Korea’s cult fashion favorites that has been called by Vogue as the “Korean Vetements”. It makes a name for itself with it’s iconic signature cobalt blue and unisex “uncool cool” clothing that redefines casual pieces such as sweatshirts and tees to be, well, cool.

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VLOG: We Took a Train to Busan

… And nope, no zombies the entire train ride! 다행 이다!

… Unfortunately, no Gong Yoo to save us, too. 🌚

Towards the end of May, my sister and I took a weekend trip (Saturday – Monday) down to Busan. I was actually a bit stressed before the trip because I had the final interview for my MBA application that morning, and a final exam for my Hangul Level 2.1 class scheduled the day after my trip. In an attempt to be a good student, I brought my books along so I could study but they just ended up being added weight to my baggage. TBH, I barely touched them. LOL.

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안녕! Hello!

Let me kick off this blog with an introductory post to, well, introduce myself and how and why I decided to make this little blog of mine. Settle down, this might take a while. :p


My name is Cel (셀리나 is my name in Hangul) and I’m 23 years old. I won’t drag on this introduction with my life story because I want you guys to slowly get to know me as I reveal more about myself in the future posts. Currently, I’m in Manila, my hometown, but I will move to Seoul in September for my graduate studies. I had previously lived in Seoul from March to May to study Hangul as a prerequisite for my MBA.

So what will this be about?

To get this thing rolling, the initial posts I will write will be from my life during those short but fun/scary/exciting 3 months earlier this year and all my other previous visits to Seoul. It won’t be in a series of chronological posts, but rather, random anecdotes. Part of these moments were produced by my abrupt vacations to the city to see Bigbang (lol!), my desire to explore (mostly alone), and my habit of walking around aimlessly around my neighborhood (or just about anywhere).

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